Tying shoelaces...

Movement and learning is our passion!

We want to help you build a learning environment that is both active and fun. At Wittario we believe that learning is for everyone and that variety is the key to encourage and inspire many different types of learners.

That’s why we made Wittario. A platform that breaks down differences and unites learners through fun games and activities!


Our story

The story of Wittario began with a vision to transform learning into an engaging and rewarding experience for everyone. Our founders, Lars Gunnar Fledsberg and Tor Ove Henriksen, both have a passion for education and technology, set out to create a platform that could challenge the traditional approach to learning.

In March 2021, Wittario was launched on the Norwegian market after 2 years of product development. By then, a dedicated group of game developers, educators and technology enthusiasts had gathered to make the dream a reality. By combining interactive games, challenging tasks and educational principles, Wittario created a unique experience where users could immerse themselves in various topics while having fun.

Today, Wittario counts over 1,500 organizations that use Wittario to create learning joy in both the education and business markets. We are proud of the history we have created, and we look forward to continuing to shape the future of learning by combining technology and pedagogy in a unique way.

Meet the team

Tor Ove Henriksen
Chairman of the board and Founder
Lars Gunnar Fledsberg
CEO and Founder
Karl Myrvang
Marketing Manager
Kaja Jensen
Customer Success Manager
Hanne K. Hansen
Sales Manager
Bjørn H. Christensen
Andrea Mikalsen
Development Manager

Developer team

Wojtek Sek
AR Developer
Mateusz Ziolkowski
Junior React JS developer
Mateusz Goluch
Project Manager
Martin Mirza
Unity Team Leader
Marius Svarverud
Game Developer
Kamil Byrski
Jarek Kania
AR Developer
Jacek Janik
Adam Rak
Senior React JS developer
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Lars Gunnar Fledsberg
CEO & Founder
+47 950 81719
Hanne Kjeldstadli Hansen
Co-founder & Director of Sales
& Customer Success
+47 950 81719
Bjørn Christensen
Game educator
+ 47 69 25 00 00

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We are backed by science!

To make sure we are on the right track, we do our research.
We have found studies that helps us navigate how we can become better at combining learning and activity. In addition to this, we also invest in doing our own research projects, that gives us precise answers on our impact on learning!

Are you ready to try it out?

What do our players say?

Atle Mørch Sjølie
HR Manager @ Caverion
The participants thinks it’s been a lot of fun, there’s been a lot of laughter!
Trond Boge
Teacher @ Mæla School
The students are more engaged, even after they have been outside!
Live Leer
HR Manager, Managment and Learning @ Storebrand
The combination of professional and daily chat out in the fresh air has been absolutely superb
William Andersen
Teacher @ Prestrud School
The students learn more and have fun. That is a win-win for everyone