Enhancing Education Through Technology

A Deep Dive into Wittario's Impact on Learning.

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences has carried out a research project that has revealed educational added value by using Wittario in teaching at three primary schools. The results of this research project have been published in an academic article in the renowned journal "Digital Culture&Education" .

Customer Case Education
Hamar naturskole

Back to nature

The town of Hamar has long been an advocate of using nature as a classroom and has established Hamar Nature School to help facilitate this. Along with Prestrud Elementary School, they have started using Wittario.

Customer Case Education
Krapfoss School

Getting students off the couch when at home

Covid-19 has made home school a common exercise. At Krapfoss elementary, Wittario is used to get students on their feet.

Customer Case Education
Prestrud School

More physical activity in school

Prestrud school in Hamar municipality, have tested Wittario on some of its students and the verdict is clear: THIS we are going to use much more in the future!

Customer Case Work

Leadership training with great success!

Storebrand is constantly looking for and exploring tools that can create engagement, unity and learning. Live Leer, who is HR manager Management and learning at Storebrand, has tested Wittario for several activities internally.

Customer Case Work

A creative way to break up digital learning

When Caverion started a new leadership development program, they wanted a creative way to break up the digital learning. The choice fell on Wittario, and that’s a decision they are very happy with!

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