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Create engaged and skilled leaders with Wittario's leadership development games!

Do you want to engage and involve participants at your next leadership gathering? We have compiled a wealth of useful content and tasks for leadership meetings and development. Take a look at Wittario's unique collection of tasks and exercises that are perfect for creating good reflections and collaborative exercises.

In a time characterized by continuous changes and the need for constant adaptation, it is critical for leaders to always stay ahead with new knowledge. Wittario offers lifelong learning in leadership development through engaging learning games. This approach is a fresh and effective way to conduct leadership training and meetings. The content is designed to promote critical thinking, collaboration, reflection, and effective communication – fundamental skills for any leader. Through a mix of challenging and creative tasks, we offer a practical and interactive approach to learning.

Wittario's new leadership development portfolio includes a wide range of various leadership themes. The learning games are designed to be engaging and involving, suitable for all levels of leadership experience.

Why choose learning games for leadership meetings and development?

Our learning games offer a unique combination of practical experience and tailored learning, designed to strengthen leadership skills through engaging and innovative methods. They provide leaders with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, enhancing the understanding of key concepts. At the same time, the learning games promote teamwork by facilitating teambuilding and the development of collaboration skills. Tailored for both senior, middle and new leaders, the tasks meet specific needs and skill levels, encouraging reflection and self-awareness. This allows leaders to continuously reflect on their own practice and identify areas for improvement. The open-ended questions ensure that the learning games remain relevant over time, allowing them to be played multiple times for continuous reflection and growth in line with the leader's development.

In our portfolio, you will find, among others:

Diversity and Inclusion workshop: This learning game includes interactive tasks and discussions to promote a positive work environment. It provides insights into communication techniques and conflict resolution.

Diversity and Inclusion reflection: Deep dive into self-reflection and group discussions to understand and eliminate biases and stereotypes in the workplace. This learning game offers strategies to promote a culture of acceptance and understanding, strengthening both individual growth and team dynamics.

Group work for leadership meetings: Enhance the team's collaboration and creativity with varied tasks focusing on problem-solving and innovative thinking. Perfect for teambuilding and professional days. This learning game is designed to inspire leaders and employees to build stronger, more cohesive working groups.

Digital leadership workshop: Navigate the challenges and opportunities in digital development through varied tasks. This learning game provides leaders and their teams with key insights into digital transformation, security, and innovation.

Discover how Wittario's learning games can engage. All these templates are ready for download in our content library. We've made it easy for you to get started here!

The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.

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