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Wittario's feedback games: A unique approach to organizational development

In a time where continuous growth and development are crucial for success, feedback plays a key role in shaping the future of organizations. Wittario has developed a portfolio of feedback games that foster a culture of openness, collaboration, and continuous learning. Our games can add value to any workplace by promoting lifelong learning in an engaging way.

The recognition and appreciation that come with feedback are crucial for increasing employee motivation. However, it is essential to recognize that individual employees' needs for feedback can vary. Encouraging a culture where employees feel valued and heard can be a valuable resource for any organization, especially in today's work environment where younger generations often seek recognition while older leaders may not be as accustomed to this approach. Therefore, it is essential for employers to understand which employees have a greater need for feedback and adjust their communication accordingly (Moe 2022).

It is important to actively use the feedback received, provide feedback to both colleagues and management, ensure the right timing for feedback, and, not least, show appreciation for the feedback received (Moe 2022).

Employee involvement

The most important thing for the company is to understand the employees. Employees often see problems before we do, so it is important to take feedback seriously. To achieve success, it is crucial to involve all employees to understand what should be done (DigitalNorway). Our portfolio includes feedback templates that can involve all employees, strengthen teams, guide new hires, promote development among employees and leaders, and improve processes. Additionally, we offer fun birthday and farewell games that capture valuable memories and strengthen bonds between colleagues.

“The interplay between positive feedback and constructive criticism is crucial motivational factors – both in our work, learning, and development” (HR Norge 2015).

With our simple and effective feedback templates, we provide you with quick insights into the organization’s challenges and successes. Players have the option to remain anonymous, ensuring a platform where everyone feels comfortable being as honest as possible. When played with registered users, management can gain valuable insights and the ability to follow up with employees individually. Feedback provides organizations with clear insights into goal achievement, opportunities for continuous learning, and strengthens communication between employees and management. Mix tasks or get creative ideas on how feedback can be used to engage (Johansen and Sætersdal 2018)!

In our portfolio, you will find the following feedback templates:

  • Birthday greetings from colleagues
  • Exit evaluations
  • New hire evaluation of the onboarding process
  • Quarterly evaluation of the company/workplace in general
  • Annual evaluation of the company/workplace in general
  • Project/group evaluation at the end
  • 360-degree feedback – employee to manager, and manager to manager
  • Conversation games for colleagues

Create a feedback culture with Wittario!

Establishing a feedback culture is crucial for an organization’s success and ability to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Overall, these evaluations and feedback templates demonstrate how they can contribute to creating a satisfying work environment, increasing productivity, reducing turnover, and enhancing the organization's overall performance. Wittario's feedback templates offer a unique and engaging approach to this important aspect of modern management and organizational development.

All these templates are ready for download in our content library. Search for the tag "feedback", import the templates you want, customize the content in your own library, and distribute them to your organization!

Wittario’s HR advisors, Kari Skonnord Andersen and Tonje Mathisen Bjerke, have produced the feedback games.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.

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