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Build a strong organizational culture by using Wittario

Retain your valuable employees and foster a positive organizational culture with Wittario’s learning games!

Our HR advisors, Kari and Tonje, have developed a learning game to help employees embrace each other’s differences and collaborate effectively.

Challenges in the workplace

Differences in the workplace can often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Small talk and disagreements can quickly escalate if employees lack good communication and understanding of each other. Unfortunately, isolated groups often fight for their own interests in uncertain situations. This can result in employees getting stuck in old habits, leading to stagnation both for individuals and the organization. Rumors spread quickly, negatively impacting the organization’s reputation, leading to high employee turnover and few applicants for positions.

A crucial indicator for creating a pleasant work environment is giving employees the opportunity to influence decisions regarding their tasks and how they are performed. According to Statistics Norway (SSB), 19 percent of employed people in Norway feel they have poor opportunities to utilize and develop their skills at work.

Employee engagement and job satisfaction through game-based learning

Wittario believes that asking questions, both to others and oneself, leads to development, learning, and increased awareness. Through meaningful conversations and reflections, new insights are achieved. Engaging learning games can make learning enjoyable while allowing employees to develop their skills. Building a culture involves knowing each other well, including, accepting, and respecting each other, establishing clear role distributions and expectations, and having a common understanding of each individual in the organization. Learning games provide employees the opportunity to build trust, increase creativity, agree on roles, and understand each other better in a simple way.

For creating psychological safety and a positive work environment, open communication is crucial in an organization. Through good communication, employee involvement, openness, and a shared understanding, employees will feel a sense of belonging, recognition, and pride in their work. This leads to lower employee turnover and enhances the organization’s brand positively. The number of applications from qualified candidates increases, according to Wittario’s HR advisors, Tonje and Kari.

Kari Skonnord Andersen and Tonje Mathisen Bjerke are HR advisors at Wittario. They share useful tips and create learning games for our game library.

Tailor fun and effective team building for your organization

Wittario offers the perfect opportunity to create meaningful conversations and build a solid organizational culture through customized learning games. By combining various tasks, you can engage, motivate, and foster good collaboration among colleagues and employees. Facilitating fun and effective team building allows the organization to let employees utilize their skills and develop in their jobs. Wittario makes learning enjoyable in a different way and encourages outdoor activities for fresh air and movement. Movement can make employees feel less stuck and increase learning outcomes by up to 60 percent. With access to our game-based learning app, you can more easily inspire various forms of learning.

Three simple steps to build a strong organizational culture with Wittario:

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The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.

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