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Terms of use for Wittario

Thank you for using Wittario with the app and dashboard (hereinafter referred to as the «Service»). The Service is owned, developed and made available by Wittario AS.

Our terms of use for the Service («Terms») follows below. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the Terms so that you know what you can and should do, and what you cannot do, and Wittario’s responsibilities.

As a user of the Service, you accept the Terms. The Terms apply as an agreement between you and Wittario, and if you do not accept the Terms, you may not use the Service.

If there is something in the Terms that you cannot accept or something you are wondering about, please contact us. You will find contact information further down in the Terms.

Use of the Service. Account registration

You may only use the Service for your personal use. You may not use the Service for others.

You must be at least 13 years old to use the Service. If you are younger than 13 years, you must ask your parents/guardians to accept the use of the Service for you or your school provides access for you.

The costs for using the Service can be found in the Service or on our website - see contact information further down in the Terms.

You can register an account linked to the Service by entering your name, the organisation (such as a company, school, association, etc.) which has granted you access to the Service, and contact information. Then this will be registered in your account.

You are responsible for the account once it has been created, so you are also responsible for ensuring that others do not get access to the password for your account. If you suspect that others may have or have had access to your account, you should change your password and let us know as soon as possible.

For games that allow you to take pictures, do not take pictures of people or objects that can be linked to people, such as cars, houses, etc. if the persons comprise have not accepted. 

You must only upload, share and use material, such as information, pictures, videos etc., that you have all the rights to, including intellectual property rights, to the Service. You must not upload or use any material that is harmful, fraudulent, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, punishable, illegal, or otherwise not suitable for the Service. In case you upload any material in breach of this provision or the Terms, you are responsible for any loss, costs, claims etc. that Wittario suffers.  

You must not violate what is stated in these Terms or as follows from other laws and regulations that may be relevant to the Service. You must not do anything that may affect the Service’s functionality, services or security, copy the Service or functionality in it, integrate the Service into other services or solutions, such as other apps, sell access to the Service or anything else that will not be in Wittario’s interest. If a breach of the said is discovered, it may lead to you may not continue to use the Service, and other measures may be considered and possibly implemented.


Your rights follow from these Terms, as well as laws and regulations that may apply to the Service. See also about your rights related to the right of withdrawal and personal information below.

We may change content and functionality for the Service at any time and without further notice. However, we take feedback from our users seriously and listen to you.

Accounts and/or access to the Service may be suspended and/or deleted, or access blocked, for users who violate the laws and regulations that apply to the Service or the Terms, or for other reasons are not compatible with the use of the Service.

The Service, Wittario’s trademarks, solutions, including the Service, other services and apps, and other intellectual property rights, whether registered or not, are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. You shall not review the app, the Service or anything else provided with the Service for the purpose of revealing how the app or the Service works. This obligation applies as long as you use the Service and after.

You have a right to use the Service, the app and the underlying software and systems, as long as you comply with these Terms. By using the Service, you accept this.

Collection and use of data and information. Privacy

You have all rights to data and information that you enter in the Service and associated services or as a result of your use of the Service. You may delete this information at any time by deleting the Service and your registered account, but this may mean that the Service will not be available to you.

It is recommended that you do not use jailbreak/rooted mobile devices, as this may pose a security risk and the Service or its features may not be used on such devices.

We respect your privacy and will not use your personal information in any other way than you have been informed of and have accepted. For information on which personal information and how personal information is processed, see Wittario’s privacy statement here.

Wittario’s liability and disclaimer

Wittario only provides services related to the Service and does not take responsibility for anything other than how the Service works. Use of the Service is your responsibility, and you must take the necessary precautions when using the Service for your own and others’ safety.

The Service and related services are under development, and although we do our best to develop the app and the Service, there may be features and solutions that are not or that are not available at all times. If you discover something about the Service if it does not work properly, please let us know so we can look into the matter and possibly make changes.

Wittario’s liability is, in any case, limited to direct losses and costs, and you may not claim indirect losses, including loss of turnover, loss of profits of any kind, loss of data, costs and losses due to outages, loss of assets and claims from third parties.

Wittario’s liability is in any case limited to the remuneration paid to the Service in the last 12 months before the circumstance causing the damage occurred.

Laws that apply

Wittario is a Norwegian company based in Moss. These Terms are therefore regulated by Norwegian law and regulations. In the event of a dispute, this will have to be resolved in Moss, if not mandatory law, such as the Norwegian Dispute Act, impose that the dispute must be resolved elsewhere.

Changes to the Terms

It may be necessary to change these Terms from time to time, including the price of the Service. If there are changes in the Terms that may be material for the users, we will provide you with information in the Service, send you information if we have your contact information or in another way.

You will always find updated Terms in the app, as part of the Service or on the website below. If you continue to use the Service after changes to the Terms, it means that you accept the Terms with changes.

Legal entity. Contact information

The legal name and contact information for the Service are:

Wittario AS
Address: Værftsgata 1C, 1511 Moss, Norway
Tel: 94019520
Email: post@wittario.com
Org. No .: 915979025