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Leadership training with great success!

Storebrand is constantly looking for and exploring tools that can create engagement, unity and learning. Live Leer, who is HR manager Management and learning at Storebrand, has tested Wittario for several activities internally.

For us, team building and commitment are important, through learning and development. We think it's exciting with an app like Wittario, where we can play around a bit with different ways of using the tool.

-Live Leer, HR manager Management and learning Storebrand.

Leadership training with great success

The first test was part of the leadership training they had in March 2021. Here, Wittario was used as part of the program to make 24 leaders become better acquainted. These leaders had not met each other before, and the course is structured so that you have a training partner all the way to the end of the course. Here the leaders went together in pairs to solve tasks via Wittario, outside in the fresh air and in a different environment than inside the home office in front of a screen.

- Being able to solve tasks with Wittario, at the same time as you have a colleague or training partner on your phone, gives a completely different dynamic and conversation than in a video meeting. The participants thought it was very fun, and one of the highlights this day, says Live Leer HR Manager Management and Learning at Storebrand.

Constantly new areas for use

When we started the journey with Wittario, we had a plan and a goal, and we love when our customers challenge us in new ways they can use the app. This may be an advantage for our first customers, and we will encourage all customers to challenge us on how to use Wittario.

- The way Storebrand has solved the leadership training with tasks and dialogue along the way is incredibly exciting. It lifts up topics and themes in a completely different way, and you get the good conversation with known or unknown colleagues, says Lars Gunnar Fledsberg, CEO Wittario

Competing for attention

Now we have become so used to sitting in front of a screen a lot, and it can be challenging to keep the attention of the meeting participants all the time. You can turn off the camera, mute the microphone, check some emails, take a phone call, send an SMS and much more.

With Wittario, the tasks and topics are experienced as something new, you are out in the fresh air and moving. Storebrand has also focused on other topics during the dialogue, so that some of the social needs can be covered.

- We created questions about how they were doing, how the time of the pandemic has been for them and if they had any plans for the Easter holidays, and the feedback has been positive. The combination of professional and daily chat out in the fresh air has been absolutely superb, says Live Leer.

A walk outside is good for the mind and mood

Those who have gone for a walk in nature with a podcast on their ear, can recognize themselves in the value you are left with afterwards. Of course, there may be things that compete with our attention outside as well, but not in the same way as when we sit in front of the screen in the home office. In addition, there is a nice break from back-to-back video meetings, and you can solve fun tasks that do something with your head and maybe even your mood.

Easter rebus

Last working day before Easter 2021, Storebrand had a professional Easter gathering for 30 employees, where they started with 2 hours of professional input in a video meeting before ending with an Easter rebus in Wittario.

- The employees solved tasks in the Easter rebus as a pleasant end of the day. The last task was to take a picture that showed us how they felt, and there were big smiles from everyone who solved the task, says Live Leer.

If you do not have time to set up your own puzzle or quiz yourself, you can find more finished games in our library. Create a user and find ready-made games in the admin panel.

Exciting future

- We have tested a few different tools and services, and Wittario is clearly exciting. It does not matter where you are and the fact that you can play across national borders that are of great value to us. We look forward to the continuation and to finding new ways we can use Wittario, says Live Leer.

Live Leer from Storebrand and Wittario CEO Lars Gunnar Fledsberg

The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.

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