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5 reasons to use learning games

Use games to provide employees, pupils or students with increased learning outcomes. Here are 5 good reasons why learning games from Wittario can be a great solution in companies and educational institutions.

  1. Increased engagement and motivation to learn. Wittario's learning games make training more entertaining and challenging, which can increase participants' engagement and motivation. By using game mechanics such as virtual reality, reward systems, competitions, repetition and activities that stimulate multiple senses, the likelihood of information being remembered and understood is increased.
  2. Learning games + physical activity = good for health and learning. Wittario's learning games encourage activity and outdoor movement, which has a very positive effect on cognitive abilities and creativity. In addition, nature and outdoor life are good for mental health. Physical activity has a positive impact on some mental health issues, and research shows that nature is calming, energizing, and counteracts stress and negative thoughts.
  3. Tailored and varied training with games and activities. Wittario's learning games provide flexibility for tailored and individual training. This means that participants can learn at their own pace. The games can be adapted to different learning styles and skill levels. Wittario's learning games can include various types of media, such as text, audio, and video, to provide varied and customized training.
  4. Lower costs and environmental impact with digital learning. Digital learning games can help reduce costs, environmental impact, and the time associated with the production and delivery of training. You avoid expenses for travel and accommodation, speaker fees, rental of course venues, and production of course materials. In addition, learning games can be easily produced, updated, customized, and reused, which can also save you significant costs over time.
  5. Digital learning for increased interaction and efficiency. Wittario's learning games focus heavily on interaction and collaboration. The games provide access to asynchronous training. This means that participants can receive training anytime and anywhere, saving time and resources for both employees and management. By offering engaging content, learning games can help develop employees' skills, collaboration abilities, and competence. This, in turn, ensures the completion of training and increases efficiency in the workplace.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.

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