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Learning platform for game management

Wittario Manager is a learning platform where you can easily create, share, and manage games. See how to invite participants and track the results while you play.

Wittario's learning platform is great for use in companies for employee training and courses. Many schools have also adopted the learning platform for both learning and ice-breaking activities.

Easy to Get Started

Wittario's learning platform is easy to get started with:

Start by creating your own game, whether for friends or colleagues in the company. Share the game code with participants in the mobile app, and participants can simply take out their phones and start playing.

Help from the library

The gamemaster can get inspiration for content and tasks from the game library, which contains more than 1,000 ready-made templates. As a Wittario customer, you can both share and get inspiration from other customers in our open and internal library. The templates can be downloaded with a click and then edited to customize the games to fit the company’s and your own needs and preferences.

Learning platform for companies

Wittario offers several types of tasks to choose from. Some tasks may be better suited for employee training, courses, or social activities in the company.

In our learning platform, you can choose from photo, free text, presentation, AR categorization, video, and multiple-choice tasks.

Game sharing with participants

Wittario Manager is an online management tool. As a gamemaster, you can create, share, and manage your own games and other content. The gamemaster can add their own content by uploading images, text, and/or video. This learning content can be linked to different types of tasks, and you can choose the game variant that fits best.

As a gamemaster, you can invite both registered users in the company, or unregistered users to participate in the game. Via Wittario Studio, you can invite via email, share a link, QR code, or game code.

Track game results

Once the game has started, the Gamemaster can track the game results for each player or task via a leaderboard. The leaderboard updates continuously. All responses can be viewed directly in the game report. Video, image, and free text responses can be easily downloaded. Multiple-choice questions are accumulated and displayed as pie charts.

Learning platform for courses, learning, and events

Are you organizing courses for your employees or an event with guests and partners?

In addition to having several types of tasks, Wittario is a digital learning platform that offers various types of games, some for outdoor use and others that can be played both indoors and outdoors.

A route game is organized outdoors. As a Gamemaster, you can place tasks on a route that participants can follow via the app.

In a distance game, you set a specific distance that participants must walk to receive the tasks to be answered. This also takes place outdoors.

You can also create games for groups or individuals with checkpoints using QR codes that can be set up both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, there is an option for a stationed game where you, as the Gamemaster, can create tasks that are answered continuously in the app once the game starts.

The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.

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