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More physical activity in school

Prestrud school in Hamar municipality, have tested Wittario on some of its students and the verdict is clear: THIS we are going to use much more in the future!

William Andersen is a teacher at Prestrud school, and has tested the app on his students in mathematics. He was excited about both usability and how this would work in practice, and is glad it worked as expected - and a little more.

I was very excited about the learning outcomes for the students, but I saw straight away  that this worked from the start. The great thing about Wittario is that there is so much flexibility, and there are several types of tasks that can be solved. It is also very easy to work thematically, for example with fractions, and the students think it was extremely fun to be out in the fresh air at the same time as they learned a lot by solving problems, says William Andersen.

Good results - regardless of starting point

At Prestrud school, William Andersen has divided the class into groups of 3-4 students, so that they can collaborate on solving problems. Here he clearly saw a mastery in those who are not among the strongest in the subject.

Those who are not so strong in mathematics, or in the topic we are working on, can contribute with creativity and be active in the collaboration. The problem solving is fun for everyone, and you get a feeling of mastery together with the team spirit when you solve the tasks. It was a completely different dialogue in the classroom, which was awesome to listen to, says William Andersen.

Digital competence in schools is becoming more and more important

If there is one thing we’ve all had to deal with the last year, it’s the use of technology in everyday life. Meetings and teaching on teams, zoom or google meet, which has been both demanding and educational for young and old. William can reassure other teachers that Wittario is very easy to use, both for teachers and students.

The user-friendliness of Wittario is very simple, both for me as a teacher and for the students who use the app. Digital competence is a focus area in the school, and Wittario is a great contribution to making learning fun with the help of game-based learning.

Ready-made tasks - makes it easy for everyone 

Wittario has a game library that makes it easy for everyone to find inspiration, or use ready-made games that suit the theme or level of their students. There are already several different games in this library, but this will only get bigger with time. Create a profile and see the games here.

More physical activity in school

Physical activity is an important part of students' everyday lives, and there is also a requirement for the amount of physical activity in the subject renewal.

It is probably a bit forgotten how important this is, and perhaps difficult to figure out how to ensure learning and competence goals together with enough physical activity, and Wittario is absolutely perfect for this. Gym and free time are not enough in total during a week, so that the students can get up from the desk and away from the board, means that they learn more and have fun that is win-win for everyone, concludes William Andersen.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.

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