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What is Wittario learning games?

Under the vision of "active learning," we at Wittario have developed a game-based learning platform. By integrating game mechanics, GPS and AR technology into the learning games on our platform, we boost both engagement and results for participants, whether they are employees and leaders in companies, pupils or students.

Active learning with games

By combining game-based learning technology and pedagogy, you can create your own games and learning experiences for others to enjoy, or you can use our ready-made learning games. The learning games facilitate physical activity.

Active learning is good for health, promotes learning, collaboration and communication.

The tasks and activities require active involvement using photos, videos and free text.

Learning games in companies and education

Our learning games have many applications in companies, such as onboarding employees, for events and workshops, team building and workshops.

In education, Wittario learning games can be an excellent tool in school subjects and used on theme days or activity days. Our games can also be an icebreaker and used to get acquainted at the start of studies or school.

How to use learning games from Wittario

Here’s how you can use Wittario's solutions for increased learning and engagement:

  • Create your own games. You can make quizzes and tasks that players solve during the game.
  • Use available learning games from our content library.
  • Use Wittario before, during and after a session, or just for fun. With the Wittario app, anyone can create and manage learning games.

Learning is for Everyone!

We at team Wittario want to help you build a learning environment that is both active and fun. We believe that learning is for everyone, and that variation is the key to success.

Experience from game phenomena like Pokémon GO shows us that it is possible to combine activity with engaging games. By taking some of this knowledge and adding an element of learning and interaction, we aim to help children, young people, and adults to get up from their chairs and out into the fresh air.

The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.
The Wittario App is an app for iOS and Android where Players can play Wittario games.

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