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Strengthen leadership, teams learning and creativity in a fun way!

Wittario is about engaging leaders and teams in games and conversations that develop people, their skills, relationships and culture through sharing, learning and gaining new insights.

Use cases

On-boarding & Reboarding

Use Wittario to onboard and reboard employees in a new and fun way.

Use the app to inform about company culture, company values, products and services as well as facts about your organization. Wittario can be played as a solo or team game.

It also provides a great opportunity for colleagues to get to know each other better both on a personal and collegial level, through us sharing stories, thoughts, feelings, knowledge and experiences with each other. This creates both well-being and trust in a team, which is the very basis for good performance and innovation in an organisation.

Walk & Talk-møter

Use Wittario in your weekly Walk and talk meetings, and discover a new and fun way to create good conversations. Wittario gives you an opportunity to get to know each other better on a personal and collegial level, through sharing stories, thoughts, feelings , knowledge and experiences with each other.

Walking also improves the productivity, energy level and well-being of the individual. In addition, outdoor activity increases brain function which can help stimulate creativity, innovation and memory. When we know that walking works small miracles for both the body and the brain, it's just a matter of getting going.


Use Wittario to make workshops fun, engaging and productive! Use the app before workshops to prepare, introduce a topic or map knowledge.

Use the app during workshops to engage, practice reflection tasks or provide training on a specific topic. After the workshop, you can use Wittario to repeat the learning, test skills and evaluate.


Use Wittario to facilitate fun and effective team building activities.

The app provides an opportunity to practice communication, build trust, increase creativity, reduce conflict and help your team members understand each other better. Wittario can be played as a solo or team game. Use the different task types in Wittario to engage, motivate and create memorable experiences.


Make competence development engaging and effective with learning games from Wittario. Build a learning culture that involves and engages the employees. Use Wittario training games to build new or further develop skills. Increase commitment to learning by offering learning games that motivate and stimulate creativity. Use our ready-made templates or create your own learning games.

Some of our happy customers

Use Wittario to:

Improve employees engagement
Develop culture and competence
Create exciting conversations
Increase everyday learning in the workplace
Compete with colleagues
Increase employee wellbeing
Improve & learn new skills
Customer Case Work

Leadership training with great success!

Storebrand is constantly looking for and exploring tools that can create engagement, unity and learning. Live Leer, who is HR manager Management and learning at Storebrand, has tested Wittario for several activities internally.

Customer Case Work

A creative way to break up digital learning

When Caverion started a new leadership development program, they wanted a creative way to break up the digital learning. The choice fell on Wittario, and that’s a decision they are very happy with!



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