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Keep students active and engaged with fun learning games!

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Do like more than 900 other schools worldwide and play, move, learn! Wittario is the perfect app for a fun and varied learning environment. Get your students out of the chair and make them move with Wittario games

Use cases

Activity days

Engage students to take part in activity games and themed games using Wittario. Set up puzzle races, activity trails, nature trails and combine the joy of walking with the joy of learning. Students can play alone or join teams. Combine Wittario games with or without activity, play outside or inside.

Start of school

Give students and teachers a good start to school by building relationships and security by using the Wittario school start game. Create rebus races where the pupils get to know the school, share information about the school in an engaging way and let the pupils go on a digital discovery tour of the school and the local environment.


All subjects and themes can be gamified with Wittario. Make learning a game with engaging videos, illustrations and texts and challenge students with varied tasks to stimulate learning. Move the classroom outdoors and give students physical activity in combination with subjects and exciting topics. Here, teachers can really bring out the joy of learning by stimulating the creativity that flourishes through physical activity.

Get to know each other

Use Wittario to facilitate fun and effective get-to-know-you and team-building activities. Wittario provides an opportunity to practice communication, build trust, increase creativity, reduce conflicts and help students understand each other better. Wittario can be played as a solo or team game. Use the different task types in Wittario to engage, motivate and create memorable experiences.

Some of our happy players
Customer Case Education
Hamar naturskole

Back to nature

The town of Hamar has long been an advocate of using nature as a classroom and has established Hamar Nature School to help facilitate this. Along with Prestrud Elementary School, they have started using Wittario.

Customer Case Education
Krapfoss School

Getting students off the couch when at home

Covid-19 has made home school a common exercise. At Krapfoss elementary, Wittario is used to get students on their feet.

Customer Case Education
Prestrud School

More physical activity in school

Prestrud school in Hamar municipality, have tested Wittario on some of its students and the verdict is clear: THIS we are going to use much more in the future!



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